Artist Statement

My execution is started from making my original colored glass. At the beginning, colored glass is added into the melted clear glass, and then metal-leaf and powder are put into them. When they get cold, they are cut or broken into pieces. Those small pieces of glass are attached on the surface of the brown vessels or assembled together to create two-dimensional pieces. I think that using my original glass for works has an advantage to create deep and unique colors havenít been seen before.

The inspiration of the series, Red Windows, was coming from shacks built with various materials like patchworks or natural stones picked in the neighborhood. I frequently imagine the humble or simple life of the people who live in those shacks standing in mountain villages or seashore. And I am compelled to struck with awe when I realize their strength and the value of living in such humble environment. The red square parts embedded in my pieces represent the energy and hope of those people.

The shacks themselves, patched with handy materials in varied colors, appeal to me as well. I feel the energy from those colors or patterns and have a similar impression when I see the abstract paintings that are consist of colors and texture. As I wrote in the beginning, my works are created by small pieces of colored glass that are made by my original method, so I feel the connection between the patched shacks and my works.

I believe that creating and living are equivalent for me, and my works reflect myself. When I created the Red Window series first, I just started my career as a full time glass artist. The red windows placed in my works were expressed my hope or dedication for my future, like I felt the power from the humble shacks.

Kohei Kishimoto

Production concept

Like a delicate colour,the feeling of quality and light exists within the glass just waiting to be drawn out.I am dedicated to capturing these qualities and producing something that has not been seen before.My work production begins with many experiments.The elements that are important in my work include new shapes and the composition of mixing different colours of glass and other materials.I am constantly thinking about new colour combinations and how to improve the style and quality of my artistic pieces.Only when all these elements are present,I begin production.I`m always seeking for new expressions that can be produced from the glass, taking into consideration the colour and presentation styles that fit a Japanese sense of feeling and quality.

Kohei Kishimoto


Toyama City
Toyama city doctor association health care center corporation

Kohei Kishimoto


1982 Born in Hyogo,Japan
2003 Akita public art craft junior college
2006 Omura summer workshop assistant
2007 Forest of Kanazu creation workshop assistant
2006 Toyama glass forming laboratory research course
2008-2011 Toyama glass studio
2011 “Kohei Glass Studio Lin”establishment


2006 Himeji city art exhibition craft section/Encouragement prize 2007 Solo exhibition“kohei kishimoto glass works”(Hyogo)
2008 The glass grand prize exhibition of present age(Toyama)/ special prize
2008 The exhibition of comtemporary glass Koganezaki(Sizuoka)/Selected
2009 Toyama city art exhibition/Grand prize
2009 Etctu art festival/Encouragement prize
2010 Japanese craft exhibition(Tokyo)/Selected
2010 Glass craft triennare(Itami)/Judge prize
2010 The international glass exhibition(Kanazawa)/William Douglas Carlson prize
2010 Takaoka craft competition(Toyama)/Selected


3691 Kurokawa Imizu-shi Toyama-ken 939-0311 JAPAN